Gabby's Story




I have been in the jewellery business now for over 15 years, it began as a hobby when I had a young family. My 'gabby resin" chapter was such an exciting time, my little business boomed, proud and happy days.

I’ve dreamt that I would make 'real' jewellery one day, I had an image in my mind.

I love nothing more than wearing beautiful simple silver jewellery, a black dress and a denim jacket.  I don't love perfect shiny jewellery, I like organic shapes, textures and pieces that look like they have been forged with intent, not mass produced or to perfection - thats not me.

Early 2022, a serendipitous conversation led to a turn of events that I would never have dreamt off, the decision was made for me - I was going to become a 'real’ jewellery maker 

In February 2023 I introduced my jewellery workshops and I have sat alongside many of you and helped create some beautiful pieces, I love seeing people surprise themselves with what they can do.

I want to continue making jewellery for the rest of my life, teaching a few of these skills to others - doing what I love....

I still don't know what to call myself, I don't feel I'm a jeweller, nor a silversmith, perhaps I'm just Gabby and I love making jewellery